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Sigh. I thought about trying an open source router before settling on a Ubiquity AP + USG. It seemed like a solid investment, into a company that was pretty well trusted.

The lesson I’m learning is, maybe it’s worth it to pay more to get less sometimes.

Any chance you can return it under warranty? You could claim the product is now defective as it’s spying on you.

If anything, it’ll waste their time a little bit and if enough people do this they’ll reconsider this decision.

I've had it for long enough that I am not sure.

I think my best bet would be to install OpenWRT on the AP and sell + replace the USG. Not sure with what. It'd be kind of cool if I could have a router running NixOS so I could keep the configuration declarative, but pfSense is the obvious preferred choice in the community, so maybe I will just get a device designed to run pfSense.

I dunno if messing with tech support will really "send a message," so I will just send feedback through the regular channels. Chances are, it will get ignored. Chances are pretty much anyone that isn't a huge customer doesn't matter.

USG is horrible, use opnsense or pfsense.

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