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> I am a childless tin-foil hatter so I am asking out of ignorant curiosity- is there any way to avoid tracking on your child? Does refusing to agree to Google/Gaggles/MS/Etc's ToS, EULA or Privacy policy mean the public schools can refuse your child education? Is there some different ToS and privacy policy for minors forced into using these services?

> I also feel like this CYA policy may backfire. Before they could rightfully say they weren't the responsible party. Now that they are using tax payer funds to "prevent" these things I feel like they put themselves in a position to be responsible if it fails. I am sure there is some legal doctrine term for what I am trying to say.

This is a really interesting perspective and I'm curious if someone knowledgeable on the subject would comment. If public education is a right, can my child be denied that right if I refuse to consent to a license? If the child consents, is that not an invalid contract?

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