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> “[There’s] a very consistent and long-standing belief that children have fewer rights to their own communications, and to their own inner thoughts and to their own practices,”

IMO, that's the biggest problem here. Until we stop treating children the way we treated slaves, people of cololor, women and LGBTQ+ in the past, we will get horrible systems like this. We need to recognize that "it is self-evident that all people are created equal", and that includes children too.

I'm a pretty young user by HN standards and I still keep in touch with under18s. I know a few who have been surveilled at every step and prohibited from using most modern technologies like other teenagers do. This created way more problems than it solved. This was particularly prevalent in the U.S. On the other hand, I never had any rules imposed, and I think I'm in tech only because of that. In Poland where I live, monitoring children's use of technology is almost unheard of. I haven't really heard of any problematic situations that monitoring would solve. On the other hand, I know a few horror stories from the U.S. where monitoring was used.

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