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The monitoring of children is such an insidious topic because it is so easy for the average reasonable person to justify. I know my own Mother has felt parental guilt that she location-track me and my young sister, because, what if something happens? Children generally get less independence and rights than adults and we do this because it is always adults that have to be responsible for their wellbeing. So it is very easy to justify this kind of montoring, and at least here, there are likely legal obligations for schools to do so.

My school in Australia did it completely transparently through a company named "CyberHound" of all things. It advertises in a similar way "protect the children from mental health issues" by running an MITM[1] on all SSL traffic over your school network to inspect all all the push notifications, webpages et cetera sent to your students' devices. The difference is this was transparent and consenting[2].

The thing is I would not expect any institution's internal network to be un-logged, be that the company I work for, or a school or government. Passive logging of internet sessions and metadata is totally acceptable, its this kind of analysis and information sharing that can be really harmful.

Although I suppose I only say that because my shool actually had mental health support that was very visibly available, and the tracking was quite easily circumvented.

1: Root certificate we have to install on devices

2: All school machines have an "I agree to acceptable use" prompt on login and we have to install certificates ourselves.

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