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I can't seem to edit my comment any further (Thanks HN for just returning 200 on the edit and trashing the content of my update! This is the third time I've typed it, thanks a lot!)

As a last plea, young adults are human beings with autonomy. Trying to suppress that autonomy has always had the same effect, every generation has tried.

Meanwhile, I can confidently say that there is a VERY STRONG chance I would not have made it through high school with pervasive, constant surveillance. An overly anxious boy coming to terms with his sexuality in god damn Kansas is hard enough, to think that I would have to worry about every electronic action being reported to my school or parents probably would've made the thoughts of suicide unsuppressable and I wouldn't have had the VERY small community that I sort of accidentally discovered via Facebook, again because there are so many indicators of someone possibly being LGBT even just from what friends you have in common, etc.

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