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Back when I was in school, they had a software called “Foolproof” installed on all the computers that largely did the same thing. In addition to that it prevented system-level changes to the computers and crippled them in other ways, like preventing installation of applications and hooking into Windows to implement all sorts of restrictions. It also did content monitoring and would regularly take screenshots of whatever you were doing.

However, the software was poorly written, full of bugs, would frequently crash, and generally ineffective. It wasn’t long until we (kids) figured out its weaknesses and we had full control of it —- we could force it to crash, uninstall it, and we even took over it’s command and control server.

Mind you, this was 20 years ago. Today’s kids are up against more mature software but I tend to feel whoever makes these things is generally bottom of the barrel outsourced devshops, so it’s probably all still very low quality. Couple that with kids being generally more tech savvy and advanced these days with clueless school administrators —- kids are generally smarter than you think and need a lot less protecting. Information spreads at lightning speed in a school. I’m sure they all know all about this software and how to get around it.

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