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Welcome to the modern mentality of alleged criminals being guilty until proven innocent. We have our Bill of Rights for a reason here in America but some lessons are easily forgotten.

> We have our Bill of Rights for a reason here in America

What's been implicitly added is "For adults only".

Whatever the under-18 class of "children" (except when they aren't!) don't have rights.

In many (most? all?) states children are effectively still property. For example, in many states it's legal for parents to steal wages from their children even if their children are high school graduates with a work permit - all based on age.

Happened to someone I know. She had a well-paying job but her parents basically stole all the income, naturally making it harder to move out with no savings.

That's really disturbing that someone's parents would steal their children's money if it's legally acquired.

Exactly. And if you bring up a generation of kids who have been normalized to the idea of constant surveillance and censorship, they're less likely to assert their rights as adults. Many of them will even learn the lesson that surveillance and censorship are good things that save lives. It's insidious and disgusting.

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