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Cheers, I hope you enjoy it. Happy to answer any questions, just shoot me an email any time on jasonb _AT_ cleveralgorithms.com

Curious as to what kind of profit you're getting seeing as this is through Lulu... would like to support your efforts, is purchasing through Lulu the ideal way?

(Also curious as to the quality of their prints, I've heard in the past that code samples can be fuzzy, but I suppose that would be on a per book basis, and have not directly observed this myself)

Spreading the word is probably the best way to support the project, thanks for asking. Buying a paperback results in a few bucks royalty for me - which is nice - but will never pay for my time on this (not the point anyway).

I have two proof copies sitting here on my desk - the code does not look fuzzy to me, but as you allude, LuLu subcontracts to local printers and paperbacks may vary by region.

I work as a developer at Lulu. I had forwarded this to my colleagues and asked around and the general consensus is that code should not be look fuzzy. If the source image is fuzzy (say a screen shot of code vs fixed width font) then it would end up being fuzzy in print.

You book has been marked as a staff-pick now. Hoping that this will help in spreading the word.

great to hear, thanks a lot!

Just received the book today; Code looks fine and readable!

glad to here it!

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