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Also, have they ever actually seen kids communicate? With the way the world seems to be, my friends and I joked a lot about wanting to die (and still do). We don’t actually mean it, it’s just a really strong way of saying that shit’s messed up and it’s all rather absurd. The joke itself also implies irreverence. It’s usually taboo to joke about dying, so doing so is a bit subversive. It can also be used as pure ironic detachment. For example: [1]. I don’t know if current youths make jokes like this, but my friends and I do.

Anyway, yeah, restricting a few key phrases is amateur hour. It doesn’t actually help, and kids will just find ways around it anyway. Wait until they discover Unicode homographs!

[1] https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/like-this-image-to-die-instan...

hahaha! I am laughing so much at these images right now. Genius.

It's totally true though - no amount of word filtering is ever going to serve a real, tangible purpose for people who are having a consensual conversation between each other. Further, if AIM or ICQ back in the day had filtered my conversations, my friends and I would have just moved to one of the other many services that _don't_ use such filtering. It was bad enough when they started showing automatic previews of URLs in messages, the last thing I need is something actually modifying or acting on the text content of the messages.

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