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BillionToOne (YC S17) is hiring engineers to transform DNA testing
10 months ago | hide
Do you want to develop prenatal diagnostics that can affect the lives of millions of expecting parents? BillionToOne (Y Combinator S17) is looking for a Senior Software Engineer. We apply bioengineering and machine learning principles to diagnostics in order to build truly quantitative molecular tests. Our QCT platform improves the resolution of cell-free DNA testing by >1000x fold and enables novel tests for both prenatal and oncology care. As engineer #1, you will work closely with the CTO to build backend infrastructure, bioinformatics data processing pipelines, laboratory automation tools, and web-based tools to communicate genetic results to patients. This is a highly impactful position with the opportunity to own engineering end-to-end from internal prototypes to widely deployed products directly affecting patients.

If you have experience in full stack development, love seeing your work positively affect your colleagues, and thrive in a fast-paced entrepreneurial and collaborative environment, this could be a great opportunity for you.

Apply here: https://apply.workable.com/billiontoone/j/14D61DA914/ or email me at david@billiontoone.com

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