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Sounds like something out of a Black Mirror episode.

Heh, I came here looking for this comment. That's because it literally is! "Arkangel" follows a very young girl through to young adulthood. When she was very young, she was part of a pilot program that allowed her mom to see what she was seeing at all times, filter visual and auditory content, etc.

It went about the way you'd expect.

Bark's response to DHH [1] made me fucking literally nauseous. How detached from reality do you have to be to not realize the insular effects that this will have on children? How insulated is one's life that they would be unable to conceive of the obvious and likely immediate effect these tools will have on teenagers who are already struggling with identity and discovery?!

Can't wait until Bark announces the feature where they'll mail you weekly to tell you if your kid is likely to be gay (which as any LGBT person on social media will tell you, is incredibly easy. Facebook has been accidentally outting people via association for a decade or more, and I can't imagine how that is amplified with full access to the screen, messages, raw data.) Just disgusting.

[1]: https://mobile.twitter.com/brandonhilkert/status/11892177623...

EDIT: Also, wow, he's really trying to drop "prevented" statistics in another Twitter thread. IT's not even impressive. You're monitoring 50M students and have only caught 320-some predators despite pervasive constant monitoring? I don't even find that impressive.

The testimonies too, HOW IS THIS REAL -- "I only get notifications if there are items of concern (sex, depression, bullying, profanity, etc.) Totally worth it!" -Bark Mom

I can't seem to edit my comment any further (Thanks HN for just returning 200 on the edit and trashing the content of my update! This is the third time I've typed it, thanks a lot!)

As a last plea, young adults are human beings with autonomy. Trying to suppress that autonomy has always had the same effect, every generation has tried.

Meanwhile, I can confidently say that there is a VERY STRONG chance I would not have made it through high school with pervasive, constant surveillance. An overly anxious boy coming to terms with his sexuality in god damn Kansas is hard enough, to think that I would have to worry about every electronic action being reported to my school or parents probably would've made the thoughts of suicide unsuppressable and I wouldn't have had the VERY small community that I sort of accidentally discovered via Facebook, again because there are so many indicators of someone possibly being LGBT even just from what friends you have in common, etc.

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