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Jack London in the Wild (smithsonianmag.com)
17 points by agronaut 16 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

This article, while ostensibly an ad for a Hollywood movie, made me want to pack up and move my itchy feet to hardy climes. But at best, I'd probably only manage a vacation. I wonder if being a novelist in the heart prepares a person for challenges, knowing something tangible will arise from the experience.

Reminds me of when I met my partner’s step uncle. He was a doctor who used to work ER in Victoria, BC before getting tired of the city and moved north to Smithers. From there he owned a small plane and flew in to work relief for doctors in small northern regions for several months at a time. After crashing his plane he retired from that and spends most of his time hunting moose, fending off bears, and he’s setting up a gold mining operation on a small claim with a friend of his.

It’s just a touch humbling talking to him. That said, he’s not an egotistical person. Friendly as hell, easy going unless you’re rude to people, and while short of stature I’m pretty sure he’s made entirely out of granite, iron, and leather.

If anyone is now itching to read a Jack London novel, Standard Ebooks has a selection (including The Call of The Wild) for free: https://standardebooks.org/ebooks/jack-london/

All his works are available on Project Gutenberg for free: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/author/120.

Standard ebooks fetches from Gutenberg and other sources and clean them up before publishing them it seems.

When i first chanced upon Jack London in my school library, i was blown by the way he writes from a Dog's perspective. It feels like the animal is talking to you just like a human is. He has been my favorite author ever since. His short story Bâtard is my all time favorite.

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