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Weebly adds AdSense support for drag and drop cash (including growth graph) (techcrunch.com)
26 points by drusenko on June 10, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Very cool news. I've always been a big fan of Weebly. I've sent them quite a few users.

I've hoped for a long time that they'd open up their system as a re-usable tool. So many web sites are forced to create (very limited) web page builders because it's just too much effort to justify creating something as complete as Weebly is. I think a lot of companies would pay a nice monthly fee to be able to re-use Weebly's page builder on their site. I know I'd use it for some of my projects.

It's on my large List of Ideas To Do If No One Else Will.

Good idea. I'd love to see a javascript form builder like wufoo has as a free tool also.

  This year it added a fourth teammate: Greg Dingle, who is working on a stealth online advertising project that Weebly plans to launch in the next few months.
What does that mean?

Its a secret thing they are doing related to advertising that Greg Dingle is working on and they are going to launch that aspect in the next few months.

Great news for these guys. Always nice to see a totally new take on an old idea that actually works. Kudos. And Kudos on being close to profitability - no small feet!

Congrats guys!

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