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I'm a self-taught bio-informatician (working at large healthcare company, doing Next Generation Sequencing related things). although I am actively seeking to better myself, My code is horrible, we have one "library" (a file really) full of functions and since 2 months a couple of classes that I already feel like completely re-writing. A lot of code is in Jupyter Notebooks somewhere because we just got the hang of Git last year, let alone proper branching. Pull requests? Yes I've heard of them. Transferring code to partners is always troublesome. Man I wish we would have had a proper code-writer on board from the very start, bonus points if that someone excited about biology!

So bring it on I say! Just apply to any mayor classical bio-company. I mean biologists need to become data-scientists and computer scientists more and more, and they can use a lot of help. For example: During my internship in 2003 I did DNA sequencing, I spend all day making a gel and loading it and I read 200 basepairs of DNA of a printed paper to check my results. Today we have an Illumina sequencer in the lab, it produces 60 billion basepairs every couple of days. We are nowhere anymore without computers and computer scientists.

I love git. Literally the only way to be productive when you've got more than 4 people touching code.

Do you guys allow remote work?

I work from home sometimes, and 1 of our team members is in the US (but still at the same company). We have no people completely isolated that never come into the office.

I know for programmers / coders its a weird question but what about part time?

Why is this a weird question? I work 90% (36 hours) many of my colleagues work 32. In the Netherlands (in my bubble) it seems almost standard for both parents to go to 32 (4x8) and both have one non-weekend day with the kid(s).

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