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Weeblies aren't wobbling: Launches AdSense for Dummies and Pro accounts (latimes.com)
42 points by immad on June 10, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

great write up. There approach and mentality thats at the heart of the value YC provides. They are pushing the ball forward with new features and nearing profitability, thats awesome all around.

Weebly is the best online WYSIWG I've come across, but I've run into several issues (even in firefox). One big problem I had was trying to help someone create a site when they had some (not sure) version of IE. I understand that for a rich site like this, IE will be buggy. But they either need to fix it or tell IE users to upgrade / download firefox.

Just used Weebly for the first time. Amazing job. I really like how easy it is to throw GMaps in there, contact forms, and so forth. Just recommended it to a couple non-tech friends.

Somebody at the LA Times is incredibly receptive to PR people: first friendfeed profile and now weebly. Great scores guys!

We don't have any PR folks, just us :)

It doesn't work in Safari. It appears that the WYSIWG editor doesn't work.

We're working on full Safari 3 compatibility... You should have gotten a message when you log-in, though, letting you know that Safari doesn't quite work yet.

I got the message and was asked if I wanted to forge ahead anyway. So that worked for me. Glad to hear you're working on Safari 3 compatibility. For many new Apple owners, Safari is it.

Whoa, isn't a 50% cut a bit too much for Weebly?

"Some more tech-savvy users might balk at the prospect of having 50% of their revenues paid to their hosting site, but Weebly isn’t really made for this kind of user in the first place."

Good going guys. I love articles like this.

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