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Building a Poker Bot: Part 3 (codingthewheel.com)
27 points by dangoldin on June 10, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

There is speculation ( http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/info/6mshv/comments/ ) that this is made up, so think twice before you dive head-first into the sad, sad world of C/C++ Windows programming.

Basically: ever use Java and think "I'm spending all this time on stuff that has nothing to do with my actual program?" That's what low-level Windows programming is all about. It sucks.

It is irrelevant if this series is "made up", what is important is that there is no substance in the articles at all.

I'd believe that. I haven't been using Windows for a while but I think the posts are interesting to read and can give rise to some ideas.

I vociferously disagree. This is social hacker news. This article talks about the externalized costs of buying salmon that are not represented accurately enough, thus highlighting a huge problem/unmet need.

This is the community, if one exists that has the ability to create the technical hacks necessary to create social change. We can create tools/systems to solve problems like these, e.g., measuring externalized costs that prices do not/cannot account for. Until we more accurately represent costs/effects in our behaviors/purchases, it will be difficult to effectively promote positive behavior, i.e., solving the big problem.

Wrong story...

I'm interested to hear Matt Maroon's take on this.

Why? It would just be a long, whiney rant.

Of course, if people start building poker bots, then the real money is in finding which players are actually poker bots, reverse engineering their algorithms from their play, and making a counter-bot to automatically drain money from the first order bots.

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