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Carbon Ads (https://www.carbonads.net/) are decent if you've got a developer or tech audience. I've seen them used on CodePen and Smashing Machine I think.

Big positives for me are:

- You can securely include them on your page without having to run third party JavaScript or inject third party HTML. They have an API that just provides a JSON feed of the ads to show (each ad is a heading + description + logo + tracking pixel, no HTML) so you can write your own (non-bloated) JavaScript for displaying them. This approach is good for Chrome extensions too as there you're not allowed to include external JavaScript files.

- This also means you can customise how the ads are displayed so they don't look out of place or bloat your pages. I was surprised they let you do this. My contact there pretty much told me I can make them look however I want (e.g. size, colours, fonts).

I'm using Carbon Ads on this page for example (see just above the first subheading, make sure you have adblock disabled):


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