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Reading the few comments that were (machine) translated into English, it seems they are angry that the dev dared to speak badly about their country.

This is just Chinese people being angry at someone calling out China for its concentration camps.

There seem to be two groups of commenters. Chinese — who I suspect are mostly self-appointed keyboard warriors, not some government backed troll-factory like the Russians have — and trolls trolling the trolls — e.g., imageboard counterculture; these are the commenters mostly just copy/pasting the keywords that get services and Chinese netizens banned or flagged.

If there is a coherent English comment in there anywhere making a reasonable case (i.e., beyond not liking it) for not including a phrase like 'Free Uyghur' in their release notes, I haven't found it.

Yeah, I'm seeing a lot of that famous Chinese copypasta.


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