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Y Combinator Dataset Of Posts And Users Version 1.4
30 points by xirium on June 10, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments
A 111MB archive of Y Combinator posts is available by accessing http://www.rushy.com/ycombinator-news20080610.tar.gz and a 0.8MB archive of Y Combinator user profiles is available by accessing http://www.rushy.com/ycombinator-news-profile20080610.tar.gz

Hi, this is a great resource. Only one suggestion: it would be great to also combine web server access logs with this info. It would allow all sorts of research based on real evidence (traffic).

I notified http://infochimps.org/ about this. It's a cool place to get data sets, check it out.


I am sure at some point I'll find it useful or find a use for it :)

How about something that compares users and their comments, and helps you find a hacker like yourself?

This is great stuff. Will get it into infochimps on the next update.

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