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South Carolina Judge Says State's Asset Forfeiture Programs Are Unconstitutional (techdirt.com)
87 points by colinprince 16 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

The comments section is mostly discussing the ability of this to get appealed, presumably so this could make it to the SCOTUS and get ruled on their with the hope of getting a federal ruling permanently abolishing civil asset forfeiture. Other commenters then claim for procedural reasons that this is unlikely or impossible.

I'd be curious to get more insight why this may be

I'm curious as to how police departments and DA offices operate, I would assume they would want/need a judge or at least a lawyer to look over their polices & procedures. If property is seized under an uncostitutional program or if someone is wrongly convicted... I would assume their city/county could be liable?

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