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Do you work for github or is there some other way to view commit hashes across the whole of github?

Also what happens if two unrelated git hashes collide on github?

I have verified the fact via ghtorrent [1] when the previous commit (with 12 zeroes) was introduced (Korean tweet with a simple script [2]). However I haven't verified the current commit yet, hence the "cursory" analysis.

On the git commit id collision, I don't know about the actual mitigation deployed in Github but they are certainly aware of the possibility [3].

[1] http://ghtorrent.org/ (Note that what I really used is a stripped down version with only commit ids, so this also contributes to a word "cursory" in my cursory analysis.)

[2] https://twitter.com/senokay/status/1131826418340356096

[3] https://github.blog/2017-03-20-sha-1-collision-detection-on-...

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