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I split it up into two phases:

1. I use Omni Notes (simple note-taking app) and Bear [1] to write down thoughts and longer texts. And a simple voice recording app [2] for bigger ideas that need more words.

2. After this, I evaluate them and add them to my personal wiki. I’m using BookStack [3] which is the best open-source wiki I’ve found. Every aspect of my life gets its own book with chapters and pages. It’s a pretty straight-forward structure.

I'm using this process for a year and it served me well (understanding life goals, writing down business ideas, structuring knowledge). Next step is bookmark management, I'll probably try out Shiori [4] (was once featured in a Show HN).

[1]: https://bear.app

[2]: https://github.com/dkim0419/SoundRecorder

[3]: https://www.bookstackapp.com

[4]: https://github.com/go-shiori/shiori

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