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I'm using Notion.so It's not a self-hosted platform and not personal in that sense but it has export to markdown capability so I feel safe storing my knowledgebase there knowing that I can download the data, files, images and everything else I have uploaded in a non-propriatry format


This comment breaks several of the site guidelines quite badly. I appreciate your fine intention to protect the quality of HN—but the downside of being wrong (or even right) about a comment like this is orders of magnitude worse than the upside of being right. You simply can't attack a fellow user like this here. Comments need to remain respectful and assume good faith.

If you're worried about abuse, the thing to do is to email hn@ycombinator.com so we can look into it. That's in the guidelines too.


This is too aggressive accusation without any proof given. I am so stupid to believe GP is recommending product in good faith.

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