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I probably have the biggest personal public wiki at this point. Over 720 files and 13,000+ lines across all the files.

All files: https://github.com/nikitavoloboev/knowledge/blob/master/SUMM...

The way I did it was by treating the wiki as extension of my brain and having a perfect workflow for editing it at a speed of thought. In my case it's Sublime Text + Alfred + some macros.


In fact I recently started to use my wiki to host article drafts I am writing.


The best thing about having a wiki is the 'in progress' nature of it. Soon I plan to extend my Alfred workflow to access any link inside any of the files in seconds too.


Hey Nikita! It's been a little more than a year since we last spoke: https://philosopher.life/#2018.10.09%20-%20Nikita%3A%20Penpa....

I like the way you've got yours set up. I think we have similar mindsets to reasoning about personal wikis. In case you are interested in hunting around, I've run across some personal wikis larger than yours, but not many. Even my own wiki-epeen is about three times the size of yours in ~11k files (wrapped into one) and ~470k lines.

Drafting what will eventually be static content from within the 'in progress' nature of the wiki is hard to beat. Including, this post, I draft many of my communications openly in the wiki, and that has been extremely useful. Lots of odd things come out of the practice.

The font on your blog is extremely hard to read on macOS + a decent Dell 1080p screen.

Yes, thank you for telling me. I agree the wiki doesn't look good on every screen or suit most people. Sorry. It works well for me, and I'm the one who uses my personal knowledge base the most (by far).

For what it's worth I really enjoy the design (and content) of your wiki. :) I'm also on macOS, using a decent 1440p Dell monitor.

Nice wiki you got going there. Can you share the other personal wikis you came across? Well in case its fine with the author.. Im curious to see other approaches

Do you continually update the organisation structure as you go? I've got something similar in Onenote and I always get stuck when I find that a piece of content can appear in multiple places

I do update it when it makes sense.

For those of us without macs or ios - what would you recommend (if anything) for replacement of Alfred for Windows or Linux?

Or is there another kind of application you'd like to be able to use (that may or may not exist yet) in place of Alfred?

Would any search system work for that matter? Could a command line system be used (ie - some form of grep perhaps)? What about something like a "google appliance" style search system (a couple of these exist - both open source and otherwise)?

A more direct alternative to Alfred on linux is Albert [1]. There's also Rofi [2], Ulauncher[3], and probably many more launchers available.

On Windows Keypirinha[4] is pretty good. There's also Wox[5].

I don't think any of the alternatives are as well fleshed out as Alfred is but there are a lot of 'good enough' if you're using a different OS. Any launcher is better than the default search on windows 10, for example.

[1] https://github.com/albertlauncher/albert [2] https://github.com/DaveDavenport/rofi [3] https://ulauncher.io

[4] http://keypirinha.com [5] http://www.wox.one

Find And Runn Robot is a very extendible alternative on Windows https://www.donationcoder.com/software/mouser/popular-apps/f...

I use BookStack that I self host. I use Linuxserver.io's docker image.

nice system, i have something similar setup. currently +10k notes, versioned with git and use vim as my primary editor.

currently building a service that can index and query across text based knowledge bases. you can find demo here: http://demo.alphacortex.io

would love to hear your thoughts and talk further about organizing knowledge :)

This is awesome! I feel inspired! :D

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