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Natural Language Processing (2018) [pdf] (github.com/jacobeisenstein)
290 points by scvalencia on Oct 22, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments

You can also buy a printed copy if you like that kind of thing: https://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Language-Processing-Adap...

This a great resource, I use it regularly as a reference and it would work well as a textbook too.

It's also comprehensive, from traditional statistical methods, linear models & context-free parsing right through to modern neural network-based approaches.

There's been a lot of progress in the past 18 months (mainly the transformer/self-attention model) that I don't think is reflected, but that's probably because it's so recent. I assume this will warrant a mention in future editions.

Good to hear! Yes at some point I'd like to update it. The current version went to reviewers in summer 2018, so it wasn't possible to add much that came out after that.

Is there a place where one can test their NLP understanding online?

You mean... like reading and commenting on HN? :-)


I wish Jacob didn't run away to Google and instead made an online NLP class @ Udacity/edX.

Someone who read it, is is suitable for a complete beginner with some math background?

How do I download it on Linux? Following the link hangs my PC, wget just downloads 66.03 kb of HTML code with no meaningful content but "Sorry, something went wrong", "Sorry, we cannot display this file" and "Sorry, this file is invalid so it cannot be displayed" down within it.

Thanks. Perhaps the link should point to it in the first place. This is the second time I click a link to a pdf hosted on GitHub and everything hangs. Other people confirmed and pointed out Android is vulnerable as well the previous time this happened.

Happens to me as well on Chrome/Mac. Not Safari though.

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