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Modeling BBR’s Interactions with Loss-Based Congestion Control [pdf] (justinesherry.com)
31 points by jsnell 29 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Note that that is about BBRv1 (as available in recent linux kernels), BBRv2 is going to address the fairness issues


Hi! Thanks for your interest in BBR!

BBRv2 aims to solve a different issue -- which is that in shallow-buffered networks, BBR consumes the entire link and starves out Cubic and Reno completely.

This work shows something different. Even in deep-buffered networks (like over most Internet access links) BBR(v1) has a funny property that it takes a fixed fraction fo the network link -- no matter how many other competing TCP connections there are. The deeper the buffer, the closer this fraction edges towards 50%.

Given that there are a lot of changes from BBRv1 to BBRv2, it's not at all clear whether this newer problem will exist in BBRv2 (we're trying to run some experiments to find out soon!)

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