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The point is that they all struggle with the design of metaprogramming. Why are there 4+ different systems in OCaml as "addons" whereas in Lisp and Python it's integrated in the language?

It's exactly analogous to types being integrated in OCaml, Rust, etc. whereas in Python, JS, Ruby, and PHP static typing it's an "add-on".

Scala also has a newer system https://scalameta.org/

C++ has new dramatic new proposals 20+ years after templates, addressing really basic use cases:


The point is that no language has gotten it right so they keep introducing new systems and breaking old ones.

C++ templates also have the mistake where type checking is done after template expansion. That's why you get terrible error messages.

If you're not convinced, that's OK, but try watching the talk by Yaron Minsky here:


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