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How could that incorporate the endless PowerPoint files that, unfortunately, contain critical details about design specs? Cut that content out, and put it in MD, after the meetings? An import process that does this for us? I'm not saying it's a good system, but this is the corporate culture. The vast majority of our design history is only codified in PowerPoint. We have a PTC Integrity system, but it's so slow and so bloated, people avoid it at all costs.

Well Wiki's support file uploading and you can always source control the ppt files and use MD files where appropriate.

What I'm shooting for is to index the content of Office files. I've now looked, and, apparently, Confluence doesn't do this. Given this requirement, I seem to be looking down the barrel of Elasticsearch with FSCrawler.

You might need to simply create a workplace rule that powerpoints are not to be considered stores of information, and that any specs contained in them will be discarded at the end of the presentation.

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