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I keep hearing how much people love Notion, but I really didn't enjoy it. I found the desktop app (Electron, no doubt) rather slow/unresponsive. And I hated the login system where they just email you a new temporary password each time you want access. I use a password manager, so this is absolutely awful for me. And I don't know how many times I wanted to reference a note on mobile without signal and was asked to log in again, which was of course impossible without my email! I just could not get into this product.

I also couldn't get into it but I can't really explain why. FWIW, the tool I use to cover the type of stuff Notion does is Zenkit. I really like Zenkit. I'm not sure if it has a ton of fancy features, but I don't need fancy. It's easy enough to use and it's exactly what I want. I've used Asana as well and I enjoyed that. But for whatever reason I like Zenkit.

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