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Public and private Git repos of markdown files that sync to Dropbox, so;

- I can use my IDE in desktop to search / change them.

- On iOS, iA Writer can access to markdown files

- I get PRs to my public notebook because it’s on Github: https://github.com/azer/notebook

- The format and tooling are unlimited. Images, sound files, jupyter notebooks, everything fits

- It’s not binded to a product or protocol. I have freedom to personalize it and keep it the way I want.

- It scales beautifully. It’s been 3 years since I started it.

- The only problem was to have same IDE style for both code and markdown, I solved it later: https://kodfabrik.com/journal/ia-writer-mode-for-emacs/

I’d recommend it for those looking for alternative options.

Just curious - why do we need to sync to Dropbox if they are already hosted in a Git repo?

I want to access them on my iPhone 6. iA Writer is my favorite app and it supports Dropbox in addition to iCloud.

You can directly edit files in a repository using Working Copy. You access it like any other external file store using iA Writer. You can push changes from Working Copy.

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