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Does anyone annotate code for knowledge management? I've reached a point where I've worked across so many projects and languages that when I return to code after some time, I can longer completely remember where I used certain patterns or other that I want to reuse elsewhere. Grep can only help so much with code alone. Documentation doesn't cover this category, either. So, I've started experimenting with ways of doing so.

I am experimenting with a custom markup that exists in code comments before, within, and following a code block that is the subject of discussion. I reuse markup attribute values to standardize categories.

Then, an app scans source for annotations and indexes them. I can then fuzzy search against the index using a range of words and get references.

If anyone likes this idea and would like to collaborate with it, and have the chops for doing so, contact me..

I didn't used to when i was first coding as a youngblood. But I'm now beginning to annotate code more for knowledge management. I'm finding that now that i'm getting back to coding on a (tiny, little more) frequent basis, my memory is suited to recent stuff...and to offload the "why" i coded something a certain way is helpful.

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