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Seconding TiddlyWiki.

I use it as a personal wiki at work.

It even supports LaTeX (via KaTeX)!

Here are the customizations I found useful:

* Table of Contents:

By default, there is not Table of Contents in the wiki. So a TableOfContents tiddler was added.

The tag $:/tags/SideBar adds it to the nav bar, and the field list-before controls the position.

New entries are added to the table of contents by adding the TableOfContents tag.

Note: the same code can be used in tiddlers to list tiddlers with a given tag.

* Journal:

New Journal date format was changed to YYYY/0MM/0DD (DDD, MMM DDth). This makes lexicographic ordering of Journal tiddlers to be chronological.

That is, Journal tiddlers will be sorted by date when sorted by name.

Visual theme:

The layout was changed to fluid-fixed Settings - Appearance - Theme Tweaks - Options - Sidebar Layout: Fluid story, fixed sidebar

Sidebar width: 350px

This looks particularly well when occupying one half of a wide screen.

Appearance - Code Foreground was changed to #0a5701 (green, used to be red). This affects the color of text enclosed by single tick marks.

New Journal, Attachment, Configutation, Manager buttons were added

* Plugins:

The following plug-ins were added:

KaTeX for LaTeX support;

Highlight.js for code syntax highlighting

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