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Putting all your company's data in a random startups hosted service is something not everyone can and should do though. Even if it looks really nice.

As much as I love Notion, things that you've mention really holding from moving sensitive data into Notion. Wish they had more solid approach to security.

Not sure if this is still relevant, but at some moment they acknowledged their stuff access to client's data. This is huge no-no for any privacy conscious person.

Other that that it's a great tool for organising personal information for me.

Don't most companies that have access to your data have the ability to screen it (at least theoretically, if not practically.) E.g., Google for Gmail, Microsoft for Outlook etc.

I keep hearing how much people love Notion, but I really didn't enjoy it. I found the desktop app (Electron, no doubt) rather slow/unresponsive. And I hated the login system where they just email you a new temporary password each time you want access. I use a password manager, so this is absolutely awful for me. And I don't know how many times I wanted to reference a note on mobile without signal and was asked to log in again, which was of course impossible without my email! I just could not get into this product.

I also couldn't get into it but I can't really explain why. FWIW, the tool I use to cover the type of stuff Notion does is Zenkit. I really like Zenkit. I'm not sure if it has a ton of fancy features, but I don't need fancy. It's easy enough to use and it's exactly what I want. I've used Asana as well and I enjoyed that. But for whatever reason I like Zenkit.

Yep, I've been forcing myself to use Notion more. It's such a great tool for taking notes and such.

It's also really versatile. You can use it as a wiki, as a document hosting platform (like google docs), etc.

I add Google Calendar to it for time-based organization and Google Contacts for people knowledge. (I really wish this existed: A tool to aggregate my conversations across multiple mediums such as emails, tweets, DMs on various services etc and tie them to my contacts in Google Contacts.)

can recommend, it makes it so easy to start knowledge sharing. you'll have to implement some rules after a while, otherwise it becomes victim of its ease of creating new content

I honestly can't see any reason to use it over Confluence. Apart from better emoji support

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