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For our support team of 5 we just started using a custom text expansion tool I built in Electron. The snippets (canned messages) are stored in a WordPress site (we already have the main website / docs in wp so it was a good fit) and we all contribute to them.

https://github.com/sareiodata/kbexpander https://github.com/sareiodata/kbexpander-snippets

The tool is mapped to a keyboard shortcut (the OS manages this) and searches the snippet title and content. So you can easily filter down stuff.

The WP plugin also has reports, like most used snippets (every-time you paste a snippet, we track that) per user / date / category. This way we'll try to see in the future if we can improve a particular part of our product, improve inline docs so we stop getting those questions. I'm not sure if this will amount to anything, but it's something we're experimenting with.

Other tools exist, but I didn't find anything with good enough search + a way to have a common repo for snippets + usage reports, thus the Electron monstrosity and WP companion plugin.

This is how it looks: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EG_Ejy9X0AAnnMV?format=jpg

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