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kaboro 30 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite

Written by a guy who’s livelihood is supporting AWS customers.

I have no strong opinions on the topic, but the author sounds like an asshole going for the impression that confidence == competence.

I've been using a few of the mentioned providers (RedisLabs, Elastic Cloud to name a few). I hoped because these companies have control over the software they support, who else would know better how to operate them? It is not just about providing the best throughput for buck, but to avoid JVM memory pressure hangups or providing details why the query response time went up and the CPU utilisation stayed the same? Why there is a 2-minute gap in the metrics? (Instance restarted, but who knows?) Many frustrating issues that seems to be so easy to solve and they would have run into these if they have to be forced to use their own product. AWS has its own issues, but at least more transparent when it comes to understanding hickups.

Right... So Amazon using AWS to fund .com means anyone else who can't survive selling goods at break even or a loss just sucks...

This article is not about Amazon.com sellers or competitors; it’s about about software vendors that offer hosting solutions for their software, and then find AWS also offering hosting solutions for their software (or something compatible.)

If, as you suggest, AWS is Amazon’s profit-center and Amazon.com is their loss-leader, that’s another point in the OP’s favour arguing that AWS isn’t killing your AWS-competitor business. (Because AWS would have to make money, if it were to be used to prop up Amazon.com; so they would not be unfairly dumping AWS prices to outcompete your AWS-adjacent business.)

Said the one guy likely experiencing survivorship bias.

This article is a bit silly.

>Companies that currently aren’t thriving love to blame AWS for their problems. But I don’t think the criticism sticks.

Bold claim and the main point of the blog post but you never expand on why.

From the outside and to many people I speak with, it looks like Amazon just grabs popular open source packages with permissive licenses and then starts selling it.

I hope more open source projects add in clauses that protect themselves from these monstrous corporations.

Can you give an example of where they are just selling open source packages without any infrastructure behind them? The selling point of aws is the infrastructure they provide.

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