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Vathys (YC W18) Is Hiring a Machine Learning Engineer
on Oct 18, 2019 | hide
Vathys is building transformative hardware for machine learning based on a radical new architecture that enables both performance and flexibility.

We are hiring a machine learning engineer to build a core part of the machine learning engine for internal projects. This ML engine performs optimization for problems that we have internally such as place and route, compiler scheduling, etc.

A formal background in ML is not required, but a deep understanding of various ML algorithms (e.g. CNNs, backprop, etc.) as well as an excellent software engineering capability is required.

Location: Remote. Anywhere in the world.

Salary is $100K to $200K plus equity, with exceptions for exceptional candidates. This doesn't really vary with geographic location.

If you're interested, please email tapabrata_ghosh[at]vathys[dot]ai

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