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My experience is upper management will scapegoat Haskell the moment they get the chance. Outside-hired leaders who doubt it from the start. It's a weird unpopular language - an easy target.

If you just get over it & use Haskell, things will be fine. You'll get huge gains thanks to a lot of Haskell features & libraries, and you might have to write some more fundamental libraries yourself. Haskell makes that pleasant anyways. Worst-case, using Haskell could end up being a wash vs other languages.

Rewrites aren't always indicative of failures of language or the engineers writing it. They're also a useful mechanism for solidifying control for a VPE-type at a nascent but quickly-growing startup. Especially if said VPE-type wants to push out personnel that were there before them.

I totally agree. When a project using Java fails, people would never think to blame the choice of Java as a contributing factor. When a project using Haskell fails, people will consider Haskell to be contributing to its failure even if the root cause lies elsewhere (bad management, bad culture, etc).

Maybe not Java proper, but I've heard copious abuse heaped upon Hibernate.

Now, we shouldn't blame the tool, but the performance was bad, and the induced race conditions were a dagger to the heart for the project.

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