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Thank you! Yes, the whole thing could have been run better, but that's why I usually try to not do things I don't know how to do well (like threewords.me), though sometimes things slip through the cracks. And my other option was Flippa, so, yeah. My other (minor) acquisitions all consisted of a buyer approaching. This was different.

Mark, you've done the best thing you possibly could have done short of dropping out of college and giving it all you've got but honestly - and not to diminish threewords.me - I think that would have been a very dicey decision at best and possibly a wrong one.

Playing it safe is one way to get ahead in a sure and steady way and I'm quite sure that the way you've positioned this project and how you handled yourself in the execution of the project and the subsequent sale does nothing but confirm the fact that you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur under his own power.

Thank you, man. That means a lot. I definitely think it's the right decision — since then I've gotten back on track with my major projects and focuses. It's a hard thing to do, but a necessary one.

Don't forget yourself either, though. People like you are the guys behind every success that happens. You've always been there to help. So thank you :)

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