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How do current ground wired customers like their internet provider? On the whole, they don’t.

What percentage of the world population has internet access of any kind? of land area? of anything over 1Mbps? Huge untapped markets there.

I see this building up like onset of digital photography: nobody expected supplanting film & paper, yet the whole world switched seemingly overnight. Kodak went from most valuable brand to “who?” fast.

Once people see Starlink working fast, reliably, and anywhere they’ll switch en masse. Personally, as a 100% telecommuter, the only thing stopping me from moving where I want is internet connectivity.

One billion customers divided by 40,000 Starlink satellites is a very manageable 25,000 users each. Sometime please run the numbers on supporting 100Mbps for each, plus latency. Given that, I expect a huge migration of customers.

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