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Show HN: Clj-kondo, a linter for Clojure code that sparks joy (github.com)
3 points by Borkdude 28 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

This linter, written in Clojure, has fast startup time (milliseconds). This makes it suited for hooking up with your editor for getting fast feedback. It's compiled with GraalVM to a native binary.

It has seen steadily growing adoption since its inception. A list of companies that are using the linter: https://github.com/borkdude/clj-kondo/issues/438

A presentation about clj-kondo at ClojuTRE: https://youtu.be/MB3vVREkI7s

The main inspiration for clj-kondo comes from joker, a Clojure linter and scripting environment written in Go.

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