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I remember our salesmen back in 90's cobbling together some Visual Basic or whatever it was called. So where it is now?

I'm not disagreeing with this, but you'd be surprised just how much VB still exists in the wild. Literally billions of dollars in revenues in financial service industry alone. Some trading desks use VB and Excel for the majority of trading. It's an abomination of epic proportions and well beyond critical mass, but it still exists precisely because of the reasons you mention - non-developers with some technical competency depending on it.

Whole other debate on benefits and drawbacks if this sort if thing however..

Has the same happened to Python yet? No? So bookmark this thread, and come back in here when the very same happens to Python :)

I just made a note. I do not really give a flying hoot to what happens to Python. I only use it in places I do some consulting since they require it. I do not use it for my own products.

Did Microsoft not kill VB in the 2000s? I could be wrong.

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