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No one is concerned about you as an individual. In a general discussion forum, how does it add to the conversation about general technological trends discussing outliers?

How does it add to the conversation where the topic was 'The myth of inevtitable technological progress' where i picked ONE thing out of many to choose, and stated that i think of it as overhyped, because lots of strings attached, unforeseen consequences, and in general not implemented in ways which should be trusted, and you latching onto it like i have hurt you in some personal way?

If this is your thing, then i can't do anything about it. OTOH there were many threads on HN also discussing the pros and cons of it, of being always on, connected, reachable, where i can't remember anyone being so offended. I may have choosen harsh words, but what to do when you perceive something like a crass mistake? Sugarcoating it?

I know i'm not being alone with my opinion, there are many more outliers than you think. (I think!)

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