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I’d bet good money Watson got sold to a bunch of companies who wanted “AI” then they didn’t do anything useful with it.

It was a smart play by IBM, the sales guys want to say AI and machine learning, so give them some generic crap which gets loosely integrated into parent projects and they can have a field day on the phone selling it.

Watson would be a perfect study on modern big business software that these billion dollar consultancy companies engage in.

Plus IBM makes even more doing the “integration” than the original sale.

I'm almost certain that Watson was a series of Python and Prolog "scripts" that were packaged together with big black boxes, blue lights, tagged as AI, and run through the IBM sales and marketing machine.

The result was huge margins for IBM and customers scratching their heads afterwards.

Watson was the World's Greatest CS PhD Thesis.

Not so great as an actual business.

Watson isn’t software, it’s a brand.

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