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From what I understand about Steve Jobs - he the great integrator. He got lots of disparate folks to work together.

I mean, he got music folks talking to computer folks.

But I think he did this on a smaller scale every day and that might have been his secret sauce for apple.

I worked at Apple for a few years and he was not running around bringing teams together. At the senior leadership team level sure. But not at the engineering or middle management levels.

It sounds quite similar to what OP was experiencing i.e. lots of siloed, secretive teams across a very large, 100K employee organisation.

Hmm, Apple was nowhere near that big in Jobs' era. Everybody was in one or two floors in infinite loop 1 and 2

Absolutely. Based on various anecdotes it seems apple succeeded nearly in spite of him, but he surrounded himself with people like Wozniak, John Carmack, Tevanian etc people who’s confidence in what they knew could always win out against Steve’s bluster. Steve brought people together, but also brought creative tension. He was also pretty good at spotting opportunities and trends. Apple really does feel rudderless without him. There’s no coherence of vision between products. Quality doesnt even really seem to matter. Apple still operates in a very top down manner, but it just doesnt seem as though there’s anyone at the top with much in the way of interesting ideas. Watch did okay, but was hardly a game changer. Earbuds are a success, but they cant be making that much on them ... Steve’s gone, and more’s the pity for all concerned.

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