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Anyone has any opinions on TF2.0? They've released it recently, and it seems like it should be much closer to PyTorch now, but I don't know enough to evaluate it properly.


Jeremy Howard [0] has some takes here [1], mostly negative if I recall correctly.

[0] https://www.fast.ai/about/ [1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6XcP4JOHmk&t=4152s

Wouldn't the CEO of Fast AI, a library using PyTorch, be slightly biased?

They're also championing TensorFlow in Swift, though.

They used tensorflow in their courses previously but later switched to pytorch.

TF2.0 (and in particular their recommended tf.keras) is simply a clone of the Pytorch API in most respects. There is no reason to use it vs just using Pytorch, especially as Pytorch now support easy model exporting for running in production.

Uhm I would think that the tf.keras API is a clone of Keras (I mean, Keras was made by a Google Engineer!!)... which came before Pytorch

tf.keras contains a deprecated API that was the original keras as well as a new API that basically is a clone of Pytorch. You can tell the difference because only the new API works nicely with eager mode.

And the torch API has been around for a looooonnng time, as Pytorch is a re-implementation of Torch, which was written in Lua: http://torch.ch/

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