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sarapeyton 7 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite

This is a subscription drive and is only unlocked for another half a day. It’s not a business model change. Also, this appears to have been submitted by a marketing account belonging to the publication.

Which I wouldnt necessarily mind, but submitting this 3 times in an hour seems excessive.

Just another short term flash sale. Despite being from MIT this is a low prestige journal.

Someone always claims the journal linked on HN is X or Y. What’s a higher prestige journal for management that isn’t very pricey? HBR?

HBR (adaptations of academic papers) and Bloomberg Businessweek (high-quality investigative business journalism)

This is always a question of perspective. Academia will always try to belittle practice oriented publications. HBR, SloanMR or Business Horizons are all written by academics who have not completely moved away from hands on practice advice.

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