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Launched Grupa.io = Airbnb but for Product Engineering (grupa.io)
1 point by geniusgeek 8 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

The rate at which product ideas and startups are generated outpaces rate of talents entrants; Hence the talent pipeline scarcity problem. There’s the scramble to hire and retain software engineers as Businesses become software enabled, and companies seek to “own" their resources/talents. Also, human potential of existing talents are limited and underutilized due to 9-5 work mode and labor contracts/laws. The current work models which was once suited for manual labor, no longer applies for creative work, hence "Engineers seek for more flexible options and the opportunity to do their best work with their crew and at their terms"

Although Freelance platforms offered self employment, but they are broken as they are designed for projects, not PRODUCTS (which are built iteratively). Plus they offer no guarantee for work and management of products.

“Product Engineering In The Cloud” calls for the need to reinvent commitment (how we find and engage talents), and how we build Products; This is why we built Grupa (https://www.grupa.io) ; a platform that provide access to elite engineering teams using iterative-subscription model to product engineering

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