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I got kicked out of school when I was fifteen for doing this. My class was the first year to have a mandatory laptop program. Each laptop was running Windows XP on the schools AD domain. I booted up OPH-crack at home, and didn't get a result. So then I torrented a larger rainbow table and ran it again for three days. Boom, there I had it.

My motivation for this was wanting to install my own software on the laptop that my (underprivileged) family was forced to pay for (much more than what it was worth). This was not an optional item, it was a requirement of the state-run school. The student user account was not given local administrator rights on the computer.

After using the administrator account for six months to install my own software (this is when I first taught myself how to program), the school did a random "computer" check, where they confiscated everyone's computer - unannounced, at random, and simultaneously. My computer was asleep, signed onto the administrator account.

During the inspection, the school's IT administrators and an external contractor not only went through all of the files on the local computer, but they also my Gmail account which had credentials saved in Firefox.

When my father was called into the office to discuss what they found, the school had the state police there to discuss charges. After listening to them rant on for about thirty minutes, my father turned to the female police officer and calmly said "I would like to press charges against [ ...... ] school, and Mr [ ...... ] personally for accessing my child's email account in an unauthorized manner". The head master agreed to not proceed with charges but I was no longer welcome at the school.

Unrelated, but five years later, Mr [ ...... ] was charged with possession of child pornography and jailed for fifteen years.

Wow - this is awful. For simply getting admin rights on your own laptop? How do school admins get away with treating the kids like inmates? Good on your dad, he handled it well.

You don't get to be headmaster of a school without wanting to feel power over the kids.

And if that's the only power you have in your life, you'll protect it viciously.

Teachers are usually in it for the warm fuzzy feeling of doing something good, but I've never met a headmaster who didn't behave like I described above.

At my small highschool it was well known that the teachers essentially rotated being principal. They all hated it but it had to be done. While I was there it was the history teacher. Before that it was the science teacher. After I left the english teacher took over the role. Yes it was <100 people so there really was only one teacher for each subject with some overlap.

i wouldnt call it unrelated. He clearly had past behavior violating the privacy of his students with the cover of politics and police. Its how predetors like this operate, finding an authority position and exploiting it. And he clearly got away with it that time.

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