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> A common misconception is that it is risky to use a non-mainstream language, since it will then be difficult to find developers with the right experience. We have found, however, that we don’t need people to know Elm beforehand.

Are there a lot of people who actually want to use Elm tho? Seems like the real risk to me, not finding anyone interested in learning and using Elm.

From the POV of someone hiring, there's a sort of geek-magnet effect that kicks in if you start hiring for something like Elm. You get the kind of people who like learning new things, who would otherwise completely ignore yet another React or Angular dev job listing.

> people who like learning new things

Problem is that also attracts those where new technologies is not a mean but the end goal. So when they start to get productive in the "new technology" (that's now "one year old, ugh") and if the shop ain't up to the task of rewriting everything every year those people move on to the next hype baby [1]. Being a geek-magnet should be a very minor and explicitly stated short-term factor in deciding what tools and technologies to use.

[1] Yes, this is anecdotal and based on one former colleague!

A lot of people actually want to get paid. They don't avoid paying jobs because the langauge is new to them, unless... someone else knows the language better and gets hired, which is not a problem for the employer.

Are you kidding? Pick me, pick me.

Elm is by far the best experience that I've had with any language.

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