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What a punk

That is an understatement. I wonder what kind of backstabber he grew up to be :/

The concerned kind. Refusing to keep their mouth shut when others exploit the system.

This is a problem, here GP is a hero, a hacker, a free spirit. But there is no point in romanticizing such behavior.

If you find a vulnerability in a system, you disclose it to the people that should know about it. You can do that anonymously, or you can alert people in a subtle way.

What you don't do is sit on it and brag to people what a clever person you are.

What the OP did is (in this case) irrelevant to what the asshole did. There were multiple ways he could have gone about dealing with the situation that did not involve fucking someone over, but he chose to do that instead.

I just cannot attribute something like that to altruism.

Listen, knowing only OP's side of the story it's easy to sympathize. Especially if he's a part of our inngroup of technical people.

Dismissing the whistle-blower as a "kid, that wanted to just fuck someone over" is hardly fair.


I was wondering when this one would come up. "Snitches end up in ditches" mentality is at fault here.

You pretend that someone cracking everyone's password is not a problem that the organization should address or even know about.

We should not turn our gaze away. "This is not my problem" is simply not a correct response. Snowden knew that, and yet, some people call him a snitch and a traitor.

Probably a politician.

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